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Economic Justice

The more time we let pass, the more time the rich and powerful will continue to abuse and distort the system to their personal advantage and continue to destroy our chances at a future. We have seen that this is happening with presidents like Donald Trump who use their political power solely for their own advantage. But the people cannot effectively resist these impositions because the common person is worked and worked to exhaustion, and the rest of the time they are not working they are recuperating or chasing after one of the culturally designated goals that the rich and powerful (who control a majority of the media) tell us are attractive. That is why we need to fight for at least $15/hour minimum wage, or even more. People must have a living wage so that they can really spend time working on things that are important to all of us. If the great majority of the people are living in abject poverty, working to exhaustion, with no substantial health care or hope for a better future, working from paycheck to paycheck to support their loved ones, how can they be expected to stand up for what is right when our leaders, the rich and powerful, will not do it for us? The rich and powerful expect that volunteers are going to advocate for humanity, but most of the people who would volunteer cannot because they are so wrapped up in just trying to survive.

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