Animals (see below)

Environment Matters


Last year there were 70 billion animals world-wide that were killed for animal products.

The animal industry accounts for 30-51% of total Global Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions. That means the animal industry is a major contributer to the downfall of life on this planet. In good conscience, we should give up consuming all animal products for this reason alone.

Most of these animals are treated unfairly; many in cages; and many in confined animal feeding operations (CAFO's).

The problem of animal mis-use is very severe.

Concerned people should severely limit or cut off their usage of animal products in their food. For example, you can buy Smart Balance butter instead of real butter. You can buy Vegan burritos such as produced by Amy's or other vendors and buy analogs to many products such as Boca burgers.

This page last updated on 7/5/17