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Climate Change

It is widely known that 97% of climate scientists agree that climate warming is driven by carbon and methane emissions that are man-made, and this is mainly caused by our consumer driven economy which is fueled by burning fossil fuels: coal, natural gas, and oil which spew CO2 into the atmosphere. The worldwide temperature of the planet has already increased more than 0.5°C with the last 16 of 17 years being the hottest years on record for the planet, and we've seen extremely hot temperatures recently for example in Iran with a heat index of 165 °F, and severe droughts hitting regions such as Syria and Africa causing widespread famine and civil unrest. In addition, this bit of heating is melting the permafrost in the Arctic which will cause a chain reaction which will make this planet unlivable.

Climate change changes weather and that threatens our food source. It threatens our food source because when it is too hot or there is too much or too little rain, crops will not be able to grow and we will not be able to survive. Global warming also threatens species because species will not be able to exist in the changed climate. The Earth is not at our disposal; we need these species to survive. We are in an interdependent eco-system. We may not like spiders or wolves but all of these species are necessary to maintain the balance and order of the world.

Scientists have long said that global warming to 4°C simply must not be allowed to occur. But island nations such as the Marshall Islands have tried to set the target much lower, to only 1.5°C, because these islands will literally be underwater.

Scientists have shown that in order for life to be maintained on the planet long-term, we need to keep the CO2 levels in the atmosphere to 350 PPM or lower. We are already above 400 PPM now. We need to reduce the level of CO2 in the atmosphere to return to the 350 PPM level. However in our current consumer driven economy, we have not put on the brakes. The politicians and media need to enact policy and message changes but so far they have not done anything substantial to change this, although the Paris climate talks were a start.

Because of the problem of Global Warming, scientists say we must literally leave much of the coal, oil, and natural gas in the ground if we are going to achieve not raising our global temperature more than 2° C, which is necessary to prevent major catastrophe or even annhilation of the human race (the World bank says “there is also no certainty that adaptation to a 4°C world is possible”), and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change AR4 synopsis says “unmitigated climate change would, in the long term, be likely to exceed the capacity of natural, managed and human systems to adapt.” When the politicians say that it is not “widely accepted” that Global Warming is a real phenomenon, what they are really saying is that they are unwilling to challenge conventional wisdom even though without such leadership humanity could be doomed within 5−10 years or even sooner.

It is critical to let our politicians and media people know to be made accountable for the climate crisis that we're dealing with and enact policy and media changes that affect energy use and consumerism. Please call your senators, elected officials, and media workers and let them know it is critical to make changes and get involved in the necessary protests, demonstrations, and legislative processes to show the politicians that we are serious. There aren't enough people doing this yet, we really need you to help!

When the politicians say that it is not “widely accepted” that climate change is a real phenomenon, what they are really saying is that they are unwilling to challenge conventional wisdom and have no consideration for the future of the human race or the planet. It is clear to see that all they care about is maintaining the status quo and deriving profit from the extractive processes that are already in place, with a minimal amount of effort. When the politicians say that it is not “widely accepted” that climate change is real, they are really demonstrating their timidity to challenge those in power, their lack of understanding of science, and lack of faith in the scientific community. They should really give back their high school and/or college diplomas because they did not really pass their science classes.

Some scientists even claim with good logic that we even have no carbon budget left and must stop all new fossil fuel projects at once and that we must stop fossil fuel usage immediately. Some even say that we absolutely need to have carbon capture solutions as well. Many feel that the leaders, media, and market mechanisms have failed us and that we need to mobilize because the leaders, politicians, and the media don't seem to get the message.

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This page last updated on 8/11/17