Petcoke (see below)

Environment Matters


Petcoke is an oil refinery by-product that looks like black dust that they store in places like Southeast Chicago in the hopes of reselling as a form of dirty fuel to countries with less strict environmental regulations. Petcoke is a dirty substance that causes many health problems to communities that it is stored in. This is an Environmental Justice issue because they only store the petcoke in working class, poverty-stricken communities. They are the ones that bear the brunt of these health hazards such as respiratory and cardiovascular problems caused by this dust.

Organizations like KCBX and the Koch Brothers have caused repeated health violations to affected communities like Southeast Chicago. This substance should not be stored in highly populated areas.

An organization that is fighting against petcoke stockpiling in vulnerable communities is Chicago South East Side Coalition to Ban Petcoke and the Southeast Side Environment Taskforce.

This page last updated on 8/20/17.