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Red Rock Wilderness

The Red Rock Wilderness in Utah is a sacred, pristine wilderness with thousands of Native American Indian artifacts, dinosaur bones, wildlife, and sacred sites for Indians. If you are lucky enough to camp out at night in this area you will look into the millions of stars in the sky and see the awe of the universe. This is a place that should be preserved forever for our children and our children's children, unspoiled. As soon as this area is spoiled, it could be gone forever, and we will lose a part of the great spiritual potential and enrichment that comes from being in touch with this natural harmony and beauty and this loss could be forever.

President Clinton declared the Grand Staircase area a protected area under the Antiquities Act, and President Obama declared the Bears Ears monument area a protected area as well. These are both areas in the Red Rock Wilderness.

President Trump and the governor of Utah wants to illegally reverse these decisions and sell this area for cattle grazing, coal mining, and oil exploration, often to foreign corporations for foreign markets, which would destroy this pristine wilderness. In doing so, these people have no regard for the sacred spaces of the American Indians and the spiritual wealth potential of keeping this area unspoiled. Presiddent Trump is also trying to make it so that American Indians, long the reponsible caretakers of this area, no longer able to protect this area by excluding them from decision making processes in this area. In doing so, he is illegally and immorally ignoring American Indian sovereignity and even the value of the human spirit and the Earth, which is our mother and who the Indians believe is also the very heaven that the spirits inhabit in the afterlife.

Senator Durbin is the sponsor of a bill to protect the Red Rock Wilderness Areas once and for all, the Red Rock Wilderness Act, and there are many informed co-sponsors of this bill as well.

An organization working on this issue is the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance (SUWA).

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