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The Citizen's Climate Lobby is one group that is working at a Federal level to try to address Global Warming in the existing political and economical structure using a Carbon Fee and Dividend. This is by far the best plan that has been proposed at the Federal level working within the system to address Global Warming in the U.S. so far. is an International organization that has been very active about the Climate Change problem.

Climate Mobilization is an organization that is trying to realistically solve the problem.

Environmental Documentaries

No Impact Man • Blue Gold • Gasland • Gasland 2 • Dirt • How Cuba Survived Peak Oil • The Economics of Happiness • Collapse • Bag It • Cowspiracy • The End of Suburbia

Good Book

Naomi Klein - This Changes Everything (2014)

More Resources

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No Impact Project −
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Indigenous Activism − Indigenous Environmental Network
Recycle electronics/appliances − EPA E-cycling
Responsible consumer products − Green Earth Office Supply
42 ways to live sustainably − No Impact Man blog
Alternative to disposable razors (try to live more sustainably!) − Straight Razors
Action For Animals − Action For Animals

Sites with petitions and actions

Activism in Illinois

Fracking is using up what little water we have left; it causes earthquakes and radioactivity; nearby it causes cancer and asthma; it continues the failure of extracting fossil fuels; it leaves behind wastelands. More info.

Sign up on this site to get details of protests around Illinois.

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