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Environment Matters


Mobilize and join protests near you. Sign up or mobilize on this site to get details of protests in the Illinois area.
Put those reusable bags in your back seat, and they will be there for YOU!
Get a refillable water bottle and give up bottled water! They are cool, didn´t you know?
Forget that new, big screen TV. Spend time talking to your family and friends.
You can do meatless Mondays. How about it?? Then Tuesdays, then Wednesdays… pretty soon you will be saying, “Save the cows.”
Line drying your clothes is not that hard. If you have a basement, you can even do it in the winter.
Rake those leaves or help your neighbor shovel their snow. Imagine how quiet it will be. We could all use a little solitude and more Community ☺
You don´t want a fracking well, coal plant, landfill, or sand mine next to your house. Nobody does.
Let´s grow local gardens of food instead of trucking it in all the way from CA, FL, South America, or China.

Compost • Recycle • Bring a reusable mug to get your coffee, you may get a discount • Think of the bees and get rid of pesticides • Think of the polar bears and unplug that hot tub • Turn your heat down, wear more layers, and use more blankets • Use cloth towels instead of paper towels • Don´t water your grass or your car • Don´t use a/c if you can • Don´t buy pop • Don´t buy processed food • Support a local economy • We need to grow food locally

This page last updated on 7/5/17