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Environment Matters

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Survey / Results

1: How do you see the current state of the Planet?
Answers: Total 34 Answers: 26.5% Good, 73.5% Bad, 0.0% Other

2: Do you know what fracking is?
Answers: Total 36 Answers: 44.4% Yes, 55.6% No, 0.0% Other

3: Do you know where we get our electricity?
Answers: Total 34 Answers: 58.8% Yes, 41.2% No, 0.0% Other

4: Have you heard of the Pacific Garbage Patch?
Answers: Total 32 Answers: 62.5% Yes, 37.5% No, 0.0% Other

5: Do you know there is an impending global water shortage?
Answers: Total 35 Answers: 57.1% Yes, 42.9% No, 0.0% Other

6: What are your thoughts on climate change?
Answers: Total 34 Answers: 79.4% Man Made and Really Happening, 14.7% Not Man Made or Not Happening, 5.9% Other

7: Do you know what resource depletion is?
Answers: Total 35 Answers: 65.7% Yes, 34.3% No, 0.0% Other

8: What solutions do you see?
Answers: debdudek said Debbie Dudek - We need to stop the consumer economy and determine what we absolutely need. Educating the general public is critical. Direct action in the way of strikes may be necessary to get elected officials and corporations to hear our message.
Paul Berland said We need to let the elected officials know that we need to save people's health, lives, animals, and the planet and stop trying to profit off of destruction.
Dave Davis said Worldwide immediate bold action on all fronts beginning with education