Immigration (see below)

Environment Matters


Unless you are an American Indian, we in the United States are all immigrants. In addition, due to the escalating climate crisis and military meddling, the government of the United States is ultimately responsible for a lot of the refugees in the world. It is time we as a people stop being hypocritical and take responsibility for our actions. The immigrants into this country are often very rich in culture, values, and morality, and strengthen our decadent and decaying country quite a bit.

When we discriminate against others who are foreign to us, we are regressing to an earlier, tribal time, instead of moving forward into a global future where we are all global citizens, brothers and sisters, who are all potentially equally capable of achieving greatness and having strong emotion. There is plenty of richness on our planet to sustain everyone if we are resourceful, cooperative, and sharing in our approach to fulfilling human needs.

This page last updated 7/5/17.