Nov 4, 2017 Chicago: Trump and Pence Must Go!

The people stand up and voice their refusal to stand for the open blatant fascism from the Trump/Pence Regime, the Pseudo-Christian Supremacist Fascists who have taken over the United States government (they expect God to “beam them up” after they trash the Earth!)  We say No to Sexism, No to Racism, No to Callousness, in the Name of Humanity, Stop the Insanity, No Trump, No KKK, No Fascist USA!   

This is a peaceful, non-violent demonstration.  Antifa, by the way, stands for “anti-fascist”, which is something every sane human being should agree with.  We are in solidarity with all brothers and sisters fighting against fascism.  However, we do not advocate violence.  Violence does not solve anything; violence only creates more violence.  We are appalled at the police and military that regularly use violence to suppress and oppress the people.  They are the real terrorists.  The organizers of these events made clear that they do not advocate violence in any way.  Violence is a symptom of the terrible disease of oppression.

Weekdays Nov 6-10 State & Jackson (SE corner) 4-6 PM meet-up, join protests and actions.

Tue Nov 7 Protest “No Ban, No Wall, No White Supremacy!”  State & Jackson 4-6.

Wed Nov 8 Protest on Anniversary of 2016 election.  Trump Tower 5 PM.  Students: WALKOUT today!

Thur. Nov 9 Protest the Oppression of Women and LGBTQ people State & Jackson 4-6

Sat Nov 11 2 PM No! to Trump’s threat of Nuclear War NO! to “America First” State & Jackson

Nov 13-17 Actions and locations TBD.  Also see

Sat Nov 18 2 PM Protest and March Trump and Pence Must Go!  Thompson Center, Randolph & Clark